Pickleball Training

​Private and group training is available with Coach Susan Goldstraw.

​To schedule, please contact Coach Susan at 281-785-2483 or segold9@gmail.com


Play better by getting better!

Led by head coach Boyd Tahtat and assistant coaches Vincent Tjoe and Son Thai, we offer badminton training for players of all ages and skill levels. Registration is completed in person at the Houston Badminton Center.

The fastest and most effective way to become a better player is through training with a coach. The Houston Badminton Center's team of strong, experienced coaches can help you learn new skills and improve current ones. Realize your full potential and reduce your risk of injury by signing up for training.

Table Tennis Training

​Private training is available with Coach Katherine Huijing Wang.

​To schedule, please contact Coach Wang at 281-818-9700 or KatherineWang0619@gmail.com