12 Courts

  • Eight high quality maplewood sports courts
  • Four courts with BWF-approved Nagase Kenko badminton mats on top of wood flooring
  • Anchored sports floor system has 64% shock absorption (badminton standard: 55% - 75%)
  • ​Matte finish on wood flooring provides a low specular reflectance value to avoid glare
  • BWF-approved Victor net posts
  • 6 feet between courts and 8 feet behind courts

High Ceilings (30-foot clearance)

Strip lighting placed between courts 

Provides even light distribution and reduces glare

Dark colored walls and ceiling 

Provides contrast for good shuttlecock visibility

Air conditioning and heating

Air dispersion system designed to give low velocity air distribution, limiting impact on shuttlecock flight

Mezzanine with waiting area and fitness equipment

Media Room

Drinks and Snack Bar

Court reservations and equipment rental available

Pro Shop with string service, managed by Sportnet International