Boyd Tahtat, Head Badminton Coach

Coach Boyd is a top-ranked player and full-time professional coach at the Center. He has 15 years of badminton coaching experience and specializes in junior (ages 5-18) and intermediate/advanced training for adults.

"I provide quality, disciplined training that teaches athletes the value of hard work and healthy competition in a fun and friendly environment, while instilling the knowledge and love of fitness that will result in a more healthy and well-rounded life," says Coach Boyd.


Katherine (Huijing) Wang, Table Tennis Coach

Coach Wang was born and raised in China where she trained and coached in the city of Tianjin. She was a member of the China National Youth Table Tennis Team and later coached in Japan. She has won multiple tournaments during her career.

In 2008, Coach Wang moved to Houston where, until recently, she coached at the Houston Table Tennis Association.


Our Coaches

Susan Goldstraw, Pickleball Instructor

Susan is a 5.0 pickleball player and is one of the top players in Houston. She has been coaching for seven years and provides private and group pickleball training at the Houston Badminton Center.

"I love helping people get to the next level by  improving there shots, helping them with the mental aspects of the game and introducing new ways to drill, so they can really enjoy their time on court."